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  Products Profile

On the basis of extensive research work and technical expertise, we have developed various formulations which can solve typical problems of scaling, corrosion and biological growth arising due to lack of proper water treatment. The fuel conservation chemicals will save energy, save periodical shutdown, maintenance and allow clean operation. It reduces heat losses, reduces corrosion risk and prevents soot formation.


The key properties of formulations are as under:


Scale Inhibitors


Our formulations for deposits control are based on roganophosphonates and ter-polymers. These formulations have very good hydrolytic stability, sequestering capacity and deflocculating properties. They are compatible with biocides and practically non-toxic. Even at low concentration, they effectively inhibits CaCo, CaSo, Ca (PO) precipitation.




Our formulations are broad spectrum anti microbial agent designed for use in industrial recirculation cooling water systems. They are effective at low connection and are inert to most organic and inorganic compounds. They effectively control bacteria, algae, fungi and slime forming organisms.


The concentration on ppm level of our various formulations has brought down bacteria count from 10’ per ml to 10’ ml in cooling waters.


Corrosion Inhibitors


Our formulations have combination of anodic and film forming inhibitors and they are effective even at lwo dosage levels in most cases. Due to balanced blend synergism with our formulations, corrosion rate of mild steel in various cooling waters has decreased from 20 mils per year to only2to3 mils per year I .e. practically negligible corrosion rate.


Fuel Conservators


Our formulations are synergistic blend of oil carrier, breaker of emulsion, antioxidant, combustion catalyst, sulphur inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor, which give higher flame temperature and reduction of soot and smoke formation, improve operating conditions, reduce corrosion risk, increase thermal transfer and give complete combustion of fuel.